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Pontassieve - FI - Regeneration plant of the rails - 1984
The regeneration process starts with the storage of the rails in the cargo hold , which will then be drawn through grues , conveyors and rullivie . The first stage consists in removing the old aluminothermic welds that join the rails and proceed then with the control and the realignment of the same, eliminating the parts metallurgically altered or geometrically . So with the reprofiling will restore the original appearance of the " mushroom" , ie, the part of the rail in contact with the wheels of the train , removing metal from areas where the deformation is less pronounced and inserting it where it is most needed ; section worn, both lateral and vertical , is then reported. The methods of reprofiling of section two: " Row high " and " low- Row " .

After the rails are stacked according to the length and stored in a large prefabricated . They are then joined by welding to form long pieces sparkle from 36 meters. Eventually , the tracks can be heat-treated for greater surface hardness over this last phase , are ready to be dispatched to the location of use.

It is estimated that regenerate 500 km of track per year, covering almost the entire national demand , the costs of the complex varies depending on the amount of tracks to be regenerated and are around 4 billion dollars a year .

Now the plants are dismissed.
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